Welcome, delighted to have you here. 

I’m a qualified photographer with over 20 years of experience and continue to learn and challenge myself, to be the best I can be. Okay, so that’s the credentials but here’s who’s truly behind the camera.

I’m an introverted extrovert. I LOVE people and being able to bring a smile or even a bit of laughter. I completely understand the unease of being photographed, as I myself don’t like it. I can empathize with that feeling and know the importance of helping one feel at ease.

Travel is one of my passions so I’m fortunate to get to do this with my corporate work across the globe. Have camera, will travel.

If there’s a music gig or concert on, I’ll be there. Music feeds my soul, nearly as much as family and friends, who play a big part in my life. You’ve probably have noticed that key to what makes me happy is my connection with people and the adventures they bring me along on.

Happiest when creating memories.

My Motto: ” Making Photography Fun. “